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Jacques Bosch & Piro Vorster


Co-founder stories – winning despite the challenges

Inversion specialises in bespoke software development services tailored for the insurance and reinsurance sector. This week Robin Merttens spoke with Inversion’s founders, Jacques Bosch and Piro Vorster, and in their conversation they touched on the story behind the creation of the company, and the various secrets to success the founders have picked up by working together.

Key talking points include:

  • Founding a company and overcoming unique challenges – both inside and outside the industry
  • Why excellence and expertise are important to Inversion
  • The benefits of having a global, connected workforce
  • Blockchain and AI technology adoption: anything but a trend
  • The value of hobbies: coding and Brazilian jujitsu

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  • Identify which types of technology can survive the trend cycle and become integrated
  • Describe what traits are needed to successfully start and lead a company
  • Summarise how tailored technology solutions can aid any industry with automation

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