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A Practitioner's Guide: Algorithmic underwriting in commercial and specialty insurance

19 Oct 2021

A Practitioner's Guide: Algorithmic underwriting in commercial and specialty insurance, a new report from InsTech London, offers an introduction into how insurers are beginning to use algorithms to... read more

Member Spotlight: VIPR

18 Oct 2021

InsTech London’s Ali Smedley speaks to Paul Templar, CEO at VIPR, about the company's product offerings, its user group events and the future of data management.
Ali: You changed your role to become... read more

Member Spotlight: SafeGraph

12 Oct 2021

InsTech London’s Ali Smedley speaks to Jay Gentry, Head of Insurance at SafeGraph, about the company’s data: how it’s curated, how it can be used in insurance, and how machine learning plays a role.... read more

Member Spotlight: Send Technology

05 Oct 2021

InsTech London’s Rebekah Bostan talks to Send Co-founder and CTO Matt McGrillis about the company’s vision for insurers, streamlining data sharing, and the potential of increased automation via AI. ... read more

Member Spotlight: Súper

27 Sep 2021

InsTech London's Henry Gale talks to Dario Luna, co-founder and president of Súper, about trends in Latin American insurance markets, Súper’s digital insurance products and corporate-insurtech... read more

Building flood resilience in the UK

21 Sep 2021

With climate change exacerbating flood risk in the UK, building up flood resilience is becoming more important than ever. Investment from governments into flood defences, increased education and... read more

Member Spotlight: Endava

14 Sep 2021

InsTech London's Ali Smedley talks to Kevin Crawford, Senior Vice President – Global Head of Insurance Delivery about Endava’s service offerings, no-code/low-code platforms and market opportunities... read more

Building resilience: CCRIF’s $40m post-earthquake pay-out to Haiti

01 Sep 2021

In August 2021 the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF) made its largest single pay-out, $40 million, to Haiti’s government. CCRIF member governments have been steadily increasing... read more

Data Extraction and Ingestion: The 40 companies to watch in 2021

15 Aug 2021

Data Extraction and Ingestion: The 40 companies to watch in 2021, a new report from InsTech London, takes a detailed look at the organisations working to overcome the frictional cost of manual data... read more

Sharing risk through smart contracts: mutual protection against crypto hacks

06 Aug 2021

Recent experience has shown that cryptocurrency holders and investors have a high risk of being hacked. Cryptocurrencies are complicated, evolving quickly and not widely understood. The lack of... read more

Member Spotlight: Ataccama

30 Jul 2021

VP of Europe & EMEA Nick Stammers talks to Robin about Ataccama's data management solutions, market opportunities for data providers, and the importance of having the right data and technology. ... read more

Wakam's embedded parametric solutions for travel insurance

21 Jul 2021

Parametric insurance has traditionally been used for protection against natural catastrophes. New sources of data are now enabling more types of parametric coverage, including in the travel industry... read more

To manage is to measure: observations on the recent European floods

20 Jul 2021

In July 2021 major floods hit parts of western Germany, eastern Belgium, and the Netherlands. To date over 180 people are known to have died and hundreds are still missing. It is impossible to come... read more

InsTech London Podcast Leaderboard - Summer 2021

13 Jul 2021

The InsTech London podcast has now gone past the 100,000 downloads mark and the episodes listed below are the top 50 most popular from the last quarter.
Congratulations to Ed Leon Klinger from Flock... read more

Designing a marketplace for crypto asset risk

08 Jul 2021

Nayms, founded in 2019, is a regulated insurance marketplace powered by smart contracts on a blockchain. It is designed to provide cover for crypto-related risk. We spoke to Co-founder and CEO Dan... read more

Member Spotlight: MAPFRE

06 Jul 2021

Read our interview with Global Head of Transformation Joan Cuscó on working with start-ups and scale-ups, emerging technologies, market opportunities and why innovation is so important to MAPFRE.
For... read more

Insurance: to Embed, or not to Embed

30 Jun 2021

The potential and attraction for “embedding” insurance products into the value chains and distribution capabilities of others has made embedded insurance one of the key emerging themes in insurance.... read more

Sign up for flood insurance news

30 Jun 2021

We have launched a dedicated flood insurance newsletter featuring news, interviews and insights from companies in the space. If you would like to keep up to date with the latest... read more

Regulation – the next innovation super-charger for climate change risk assessment?

25 Jun 2021

Heavy-handed regulation can choke the growth of new businesses, particularly in financial markets, but regulation can also be the catalyst that accelerates the demand for new analytics.
Forget the... read more

"Do you take Bitcoin?" Why insurers are considering cryptocurrency payments

24 Jun 2021

Since April, some insurers have been allowing their policyholders to pay their premiums in Bitcoin. Why are insurers doing this?PremiumsOne hundred million people are now using Bitcoin. They are... read more


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