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Member Spotlight: Micro Insurance Company

29 Dec 2021

InsTech London’s Henry Gale speaks to Harry Croydon, Founder and CEO of Micro Insurance Company about why he started the company and how to sell microinsurance products at scale.
Harry, why did you... read more

Member Spotlight: Terrafirma

14 Dec 2021

Ali Smedley caught up with Dr Tim Farewell after he spoke at our recent live event Climate Change Risks and Opportunities Today. Tim discusses Terrafirma’s product offerings, how they incorporate... read more

Best of both: bundling parametric with indemnity insurance

08 Dec 2021

Parametric insurance is often bought as a complement to indemnity insurance, but newly announced hybrid products combining parametric and indemnity insurance in the same policy will launch in 2022.... read more

Member Spotlight: Intelligent AI

30 Nov 2021

InsTech London’s Ali Smedley speaks to Anthony Peake, CEO at Intelligent AI, about how the company can help insurers mitigate risk, what digital twins are and the future of IoT in commercial... read more

Podcast Leaderboard - Autumn 2021

23 Nov 2021

The InsTech London podcast went past 125,000 downloads at the end of summer 2021 and these are our most popular episodes. 
Our latest quarterly leaderboard features 11 new entries, with Flock CEO Ed... read more

COP26 and Insurance: The Key Themes

16 Nov 2021

Throughout the period of COP26, conversations and announcements relating to the insurance industry tended to focus on a few key themes: the insurance protection gap, decarbonisation by 2050, and the... read more

Member Spotlight: Capital Law

16 Nov 2021

InsTech London’s Henry Gale speaks to Rachel Hillier, Partner at Capital Law, about the services Capital Law provides to technology companies, how parametric insurance fits within insurance law and... read more

Member Spotlight: ICSR

09 Nov 2021

InsTech London’s Ali Smedley speaks to Kenneth Underhill, ICSR’s founding director, about the services the company provides and the biggest regulatory challenges insurers are currently facing.
Ali:... read more

Member Spotlight: CelsiusPro

02 Nov 2021

InsTech London’s Henry Gale speaks to Mark Rueegg, founder and CEO of CelsiusPro, about the company’s product offerings. CelsiusPro began in 2008 as a platform for weather derivatives, which are... read more

Demystifying Crypto: the insurance opportunities and challenges

29 Oct 2021

Crypto is becoming more mainstream, with implications across financial services. Where crypto meets insurance, progress has been slow – in large part due to a lack of understanding between the... read more

Member Spotlight: Addresscloud

26 Oct 2021

InsTech London's Ali Smedley speaks to Alun Jones, Chief Commercial Officer at Addresscloud, about his background in satellite imaging, the challenges around location data and how Addresscloud's... read more

In conversation with Verisk: Address-level risk assessment

20 Oct 2021

InsTech London's Ali Smedley speaks with Jes Westerman about the differences between address and postcode-level data for risk assessment, the challenges with using address-level data, and how Verisk’... read more

A Practitioner's Guide: Algorithmic underwriting in commercial and specialty insurance

19 Oct 2021

A Practitioner's Guide: Algorithmic underwriting in commercial and specialty insurance, a new report from InsTech London, offers an introduction into how insurers are beginning to use algorithms to... read more

Member Spotlight: VIPR

18 Oct 2021

InsTech London’s Ali Smedley speaks to Paul Templar, CEO at VIPR, about the company's product offerings, its user group events and the future of data management.
Ali: You changed your role to become... read more

Member Spotlight: SafeGraph

12 Oct 2021

InsTech London’s Ali Smedley speaks to Jay Gentry, Head of Insurance at SafeGraph, about the company’s data: how it’s curated, how it can be used in insurance, and how machine learning plays a role.... read more

Member Spotlight: Send Technology

05 Oct 2021

InsTech London’s Rebekah Bostan talks to Send Co-founder and CTO Matt McGrillis about the company’s vision for insurers, streamlining data sharing, and the potential of increased automation via AI. ... read more

Member Spotlight: Súper

27 Sep 2021

InsTech London's Henry Gale talks to Dario Luna, co-founder and president of Súper, about trends in Latin American insurance markets, Súper’s digital insurance products and corporate-insurtech... read more

Building flood resilience in the UK

21 Sep 2021

With climate change exacerbating flood risk in the UK, building up flood resilience is becoming more important than ever. Investment from governments into flood defences, increased education and... read more

Member Spotlight: Endava

14 Sep 2021

InsTech London's Ali Smedley talks to Kevin Crawford, Senior Vice President – Global Head of Insurance Delivery about Endava’s service offerings, no-code/low-code platforms and market opportunities... read more

Building resilience: CCRIF’s $40m post-earthquake pay-out to Haiti

01 Sep 2021

In August 2021 the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF) made its largest single pay-out, $40 million, to Haiti’s government. CCRIF member governments have been steadily increasing... read more


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