Top 10 content insights for insurers and brokers

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At InsTech, we are great enthusiasts for creating and sharing information about the companies we know. Innovation in insurance is today reaching across a wide range of applications from improving workflow, to powering analytics that are opening up the ability to underwrite new categories of risk.

We are working with companies of all sizes, from the newest to those founded over a century ago. The word “insurtech” may have been adopted in the last few years, but innovation is flourishing everywhere.

We gather our information through interviews, our events, the reports we release and by spending a lot of time talking to the people creating and buying this new technology.

Yet with all the content being shared in the world today, across different formats such as podcasts, email, blogs, social media and a lot more it can be hard to understand what is being read and what is being ignored. 

The team at Slipcase, and Alex Hearn himself, have been an active part of our community since both companies started over five years ago. We have followed with interest the growth of the network that Slipcase is reaching around the world.

We are delighted to see that the analytics Slipcase has built into its platform are providing data driven insights on which topics really matter to insurers and others. 

Our joint report, Digital Content Strategy: Top 10 content insights for insurers and brokers, reveals a clear content gap between what insurers and brokers want to know and the quality and volume of content available from industry experts. This was particularly notable with the limited information about major incidents and losses.

We are pleased to see that the interest in insurtech, and specifically new sources of innovation, is still growing amongst insurers.

Every year we and others give our prediction in what the future holds. Thanks to the analytics platform that underpins Slipcase, we can now see what the data is actually telling us.  

Live Chat: Top 10 Content Insights for Insurers and Brokers - 21 June, 2pm

InsTech's Rebekah Bostan and Matthew Grant will be joined by Alex Hearn and Diptarko Chowdhury from Slipcase to examine the key findings from the new report.

The event is free to attend and you can register on the InsTech BrightTALK Channel.