Spotlight: Genasys Technologies

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At InsTech London’s 2nd April event Robin Merttens talked to Andre Symes, Technologies Director at Genasys Technologies, who became an InsTech London corporate member in October 2018. Founded in Johannesburg in 1997 by current CEO Steve Symes, Genasys Technologies describe themselves as ‘an industry-leading software developer, enabling insurers to optimise their business operations through insurtech solutions’.

Having increasingly identified delivery speed as important to insurers – rivalling cost risk – Genasys Technologies have recently invested in building a zero-code product configuration tool, which enables swifter product launch –  in as little as a week. 

In this article, Andre Symes says ‘“Nobody gets fired for buying IBM” is a phrase that anyone working in technology has probably come across at some point or other in their career and had to argue against. It’s proved a hard argument when fear, uncertainty and doubt reign amongst senior management.’

However, Genasys Technologies report that risk aversion to seeking newer and smaller insurtech providers is gradually reducing, increasingly outweighed by quick implementation, and ability to bespoke. Recent Genasys customers include health insurer, Equipsme, and Bristol-based Hayes Parsons Insurance Brokers.

The full conversation with Genasys Technologies is available on here, or in the iTunes store.