Podcast Leaderboard - Autumn 2021

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The InsTech London podcast went past 125,000 downloads at the end of summer 2021 and these are our most popular episodes. 

Our latest quarterly leaderboard features 11 new entries, with Flock CEO Ed Leon Klinger still in 1st place and Piyush Singh (Terrene Labs - a FRISS company) and Brendan Smyth & Premal Gohil (Liberty Mutual Insurance) close behind. 

If you are looking for an episode that matches your area of interest then take a look at our Top 50 below. The links will take you directly to the podcast episode page, which includes an embedded podcast player and links to Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. 

InsTech London podcast leaderboard - Autumn 2021 - Top 50

1. Ed Leon Klinger: CEO, Flock: The insurer of the future has arrived (126)
Ed and Matthew discuss Flock's growth, its new connected vehicles division, and embedded insurance solutions.

2. Piyush Singh: Founder, Terrene Labs - a FRISS company: Calling all underwriters - focus on the core, not the chore (155)
How Terrene Labs aggregates third-party data sources to help underwriters and why Piyush left a senior role to launch a start-up. 

3. Brendan Smyth & Premal Gohil: Liberty Mutual Insurance: Embracing innovation - lessons from a global insurer (161)
Brendan and Premal outline how Liberty Mutual approaches innovation projects and works with third parties to understand new insurance trends. This episode also includes advice for start-ups on how to approach insurers. 

4. William Hawkins: Director of Research - Europe, KBW: How insurers think: the equity analyst‘s view (147)
Matthew and William discuss how insurers make money, the prospects for digitally enabled MGAs and which emerging technologies could become the norm

5. Hemant Shah: Co-founder & CEO, Archipelago: Moving upstream - digitising and standardising customer data at source (145)
How Archipelago goes directly to original data sources - risk managers and building owners - to improve data sharing in the industry.

6. Niall Barton: Co-founder & Executive Chairman, Wrisk: A marathon not a sprint - surviving and thriving as an insurtech (154)
How Wrisk is using scalable technology to help automotive brands shape their customers’ mobility and insurance experiences, plus Niall shares his insights on being a founder. 

7. Simon Lewis & Matt Greaves: Atrium Underwriters: Underwriting and innovation where it counts (159)
Atrium Underwriters has established itself as one of the most forward-thinking insurers when it comes to innovation and new technology. 

8. Karina Buch: Chief Commercial Officer, Insurance Business Applications: Digital insurance platforms - getting ahead and staying ahead (156)
Karina and Robin discuss the growth of IBA, what makes the company different and what IBA's ideal customer looks like.

9. Andrew Passfield: CEO, ICE InsureTech: Insurance software for innovation - flexibility as a service (152)
Andrew explains how ICE InsureTech is helping to provide more agility to clients and their customers, and shares insights from a career spent working in insurance technology.

10. Todd Rissel: Chairman & CEO, e2Value: Product launch 2.0 - smart tech, simple solutions (153)
Todd outlines how e2Value's new Structure Insurance Score and Inspect Connect solutions are enabling underwriters to communicate with brokers to verify information.

11. Mick Noland: Executive, General Manager, Insurance Solutions at CoreLogic: The digital hub for property data (148)
How to use data to make better business decisions, and how CoreLogic helps clients to understand their climate change risk.

12. Arjun Ramdas: CEO, Charles Taylor InsureTech: Platforms, data collaboration and market efficiency (125)
Data collaboration between insurers, MGAs and brokers, and how Charles Taylor’s technology is supporting the Lloyd’s market.

13. Mark Allan: Commercial Director UK Insurance, Bupa: Private healthcare in the pandemic and beyond (157)
Mark joins Robin to discuss Bupa’s experience of the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK and the challenges ahead for health insurance. 

14. Gethin Jones, Skyline Partners & Calum Williams, AEGIS London: The parametric platform delivering new insurance solutions (146)
How Skyline Partners and AEGIS London created a new active assailant parametric product to provide US business owners with cover in the event of a shooting.

15. Henri Winand: Co-founder and CEO, AkinovA: The e-placing platform driving new insurance solutions (139)
Matthew and Henri discuss the importance of pricing platforms and how AkinovA helps in the creation of new insurance products.

16. Charles Blanchet: VP of Solutions, ICEYE: Your satellite will be with you shortly: Rapid flood loss assessment (128)
How ICEYE is using its own microsatellites to provide insurers with high-resolution, building-level flood depths around the world immediately after an event.

17. Nick Wright: Chief Business Development Officer, Pen Underwriting: Every problem has a solution (163)
Why investing in innovation is a key part of the company’s approach and how Pen Underwriting supports its partners. 

18. Mark Patterson, Deloitte & Mark Eastham, Avantia: What 8,000 people want from their insurer (121)
Deloitte's The Future of Home and Motor Insurance survey asked 8,000 customers in 12 countries for their views on insurance. Find out which products they like and what they wanted more of. 

19. Adrien Cohen: Co-founder & President, Tractable: Damage assessment with AI - fast, scalable, global (134)
Tractable’s global growth, the challenges of working with AI, and what the company has planned for property insurance.

20. Jerad Leigh: Co-founder & CEO, Supercede: The founder‘s journey: surviving and thriving as a start-up (151)
Jerad shares his experiences of making the leap from 'early stage' to ‘established' company, including some great advice on how to build a business.

21. Ki, the algorithmic underwriter. Mark Allan, CFO & James Birch, Head of Innovation, Brit Insurance (84)
Matthew finds out more about the motivation for launching Ki, the algorithmic syndicate from Brit Insurance, and why Brit chose to partner with Google Cloud and University College London.

22. Marine Utgé-Royo: Chief Strategy Officer, Tesselo: Geospatial intelligence for forestry risk (143)
Matthew finds out how Tesselo’s technology is tracking changes in forests and how it can help with compliance to environmental regulation.

23. Elizabeth Marston: Co-founder, Sotera Heritage: Old meets new - using the latest technology to insure antiquities (141)
Sotera Heritage uses AI and machine learning to create irrevocable digital identities for ancient antiquities, helping insurers to accurately verify objects.

24. Marco Mirabella: Founder & CEO, Ensuro: Crypto capital for insurance start-ups (164)
Marco joins InsTech London's Henry Gale to discuss the opportunity for cryptocurrency to be used as insurance capital and how Ensuro's technology works.

25. Evan Glassman: Co-founder, New Paradigm Underwriters: Parametric insurance - delivering US hurricane & quake cover since 2013 (138)
New Paradigm offers parametric insurance products based on earthquake shake intensity and hurricane wind speed, measured by hurricane-hardened anemometers.

26. Jane Toothill & Matt Reid: JBA Risk Management: US flood - lessons learnt from the UK (136)
JBA has developed flood models that cover 99% of the world’s landmass and is now providing new flood hazard maps and real-time modelling for US insurers.

27. Pascal Millaire: CEO, CyberCube: Powering profitable cyber insurance growth (120)
Find out how the cyber insurance market has expanded since Pascal's first podcast appearance in 2019, and why the world’s largest insurance institutions are turning to CyberCube to manage their cyber exposures.

28. Bob Frady & John Siegman: CEO & CCA, HazardHub: The data you need at a price you can afford (135)
HazardHub supplies insurers with data for perils and unique property risk information, including the location of every fire hydrant in the US.

29. Richard Garry: Chief Commercial Officer, Gamma Location Intelligence: Build vs buy - getting the best location intelligence information (140)
Richard explains how Gamma Location Intelligence helps insurers to understand property-based risks by providing accurate location data to support underwriting decisions.

30. Rod Fox: CEO, TigerRisk Partners: Capital, culture and challenging the status quo (116)
What does the future of the broker look like and why does Rod feel that right now is the most interesting time for insurance?

31. Dr Anushka Patchava: Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Vitality: Where clinical meets digital - insights from health insurance (137)
What the shift to digital over the past 12 months has meant for life & health insurers, and the challenges of achieving true digital engagement.

32. Dr Andrew Smith & Dr Oliver Wing: COO & CRO, Fathom: Understanding flood - from research to risk assessment (130)
How Fathom created its new US flood model, which provides accurate flood modelling hazard data for the entire US, down to a resolution of one metre.

33. Ben Hubbard: CEO & Co-founder, Parsyl: Cold chains, Covid & parametric insurance (123)
How Parsyl is using sensors to keep vaccines safe in transit, combining traditional and parametric insurance, and why companies no longer have to ‘ship and pray’. 

34. Cole Winans: Founder & CEO, Flyreel: Know your risk; the self-service property inspection tool helping insurers & their clients (129)
Insurers are using Flyreel’s technology to create a comprehensive baseline record of properties for underwriting, risk management and claims. 

35. Paul Mang: Chief Innovation Officer, Guidewire: Insurance analytics for 21st century risk management (110)
Matthew and Paul explore the latest developments in innovation, modelling and interpreting data to advance the understanding and management of risk.

36. Andy Thompson: Co-founder & CEO, Safehub: Sensors and sensitivity - Real time property earthquake risk assessment (133)
Safehub’s sensors monitor a building’s natural frequency to create a profile of potential vulnerabilities and a baseline for assessing structural damage if catastrophe strikes.

37. Jeroen Morrenhof: CEO & Co-founder, FRISS: Underwriting and claims fraud revealed (105)
Jeroen explains how FRISS is using technology to prevent fraud both at the point of underwriting and from claims, and shares his insights on how to grow a business.

38. Thomas Loridan & Nick Hassam: CEO & CCO, reask: Short term climate variability - forecasting with confidence (127)
Advances in technology, research and the use of AI are providing insurers with the evidence they need to confidently change their assessment of potential catastrophe risks over the short-term.

39. Barnaby Rugge-Price: CEO, Hyperion X: Broking in the modern world (91)
How Hyperion X, one of the divisions of Hyperion Insurance Group, are expanding their offering to fit the changing needs of the customer.

39. Parul Kaul-Green: Chief of Staff, AXA XL Asia and Europe: Reconnecting insurance with its purpose (119)
The importance of context in digital transformation, accelerating disruption to meet Covid-19 challenges, and how to tackle the industry’s diversity issues.

41. Neta Rozy: Co-founder and CTO, Parametrix Insurance: Parametric downtime insurance (115)
Parametrix Insurance has grown rapidly since being founded two years ago, with its technology now being used to monitor thousands of digital services worldwide.

42. Gianni Biason: Head Property & Specialty Solutions, Swiss Re: Insurance product innovation at scale (109)
Gianni and Matthew discuss the opportunities for growth in insurance, building new technology solutions for clients, and what Swiss Re is looking for from external partners.

43. Kate Stillwell: CEO and Founder, Jumpstart: Earthquake parametric insurance in practice (104)
How Jumpstart's parametric products differ from conventional insurance and why capacity is key for parametric solutions.

44. Andre Symes: CGO, Genasys Technologies: Agile products and speed to market (106)
Andre breaks down the approach Genasys takes to innovation, how it is partnering with other companies and what has driven its growth over the past two decades.

45. Mark Cunningham: Co-founder, WhenFresh: The data supermarket and its master chefs (111)
Matthew chats to Mark about what's available in WhenFresh's data supermarket, why insurers should embrace pre-fill, and the hidden costs in property valuations. 

46. Marcus East: Technical Director, Office of the CTO at Google: cloud, culture, collaboration and innovation (103)
How Google is driving change in the industry, plus some fascinating insights into Google’s culture of innovation.

47. Andres Webersinke: Global Chief Underwriting Officer, Life/Health at Gen Re: Reinventing customer care (108)
Matthew and Andres discuss innovation and Covid-19, building customer loyalty through regular communications, and how insurtechs can work with Gen Re.

48. Forbes McKenzie: CEO of McKenzie Intelligence Services: Data driven intelligence (99)
How MIS is combining data obtained from technology with that gathered from the essential Human Intelligence. 

49. Paul Prendergast: CEO and Co-founder, Blink Parametric: Parametric, payments & protection (113)
The benefits of parametric solutions, working in the Lloyd's Lab, plus advice on how to grow a successful company.

50. Andrew Johnston: Global Head of InsurTech, Willis Re: Insurtech innovation insights quarterly (97)
The diversification of insurtech, success factors for start-ups, and the growth of Google and Amazon in insurance.