Parametric Insurance in 2022: the 150+ companies to watch

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Parametric insurance has existed for over 20 years, but its use has grown recently due to new technologies and data sources.

Parametric solutions are now available for reinsurance, corporate insurance, SME insurance and personal line insurance, and have extended beyond natural catastrophes and weather to travel, cyber, non-damage business interruption and supply chain among other lines of business.

The first InsTech report, “Parametric Insurance - 2021 outlook and the companies to watch”, was released in October 2020 and has had over 1,000 downloads.

In our next InsTech report, due for release on Tuesday 14 June, we will examine the parametric insurance market today and identify and review the companies operating in this space.

What to expect from the report

The report will provide an overview of the current state of the parametric insurance market, what has changed since 2020 and where there are opportunities for innovation.

We have identified over 150 companies active in parametric insurance, from insurers and MGAs to those providing data, models and distribution capabilities.

We will be providing a description of what each company is offering, with an extended write up for the companies we have been working closely with as InsTech members.

InsTech Corporate Members - How to download the report

InsTech corporate members can download the report for free from 14 June by creating a free account on our website.

Once you are logged into the website, your member discounts will automatically be applied to report download forms.

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