No-Code/Low-Code Platforms - A Bridge from Legacy to Digital?

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Our 'No-Code/Low-Code Platforms - A Bridge from Legacy to Digital?' report takes a detailed look how No-Code/Low-Code platforms are being deployed in insurance and whether they offer the industry a way to escape from the dependence on legacy technology. 

•    Download 'No-Code/Low-Code Platforms - A Bridge from Legacy to Digital?

No-Code/Low-Code Platforms - Introduction by Robin Merttens

The role of insurance is to understand and price risks, validate and pay claims, help our clients to manage their risks and spread our exposures by geography and risk type. We occasionally make use of technology to help us with those tasks, but don’t see building our  business around better technology as an imperative.  

There are good reasons for that, too - improving the legacy  technology we rely on is hard, risky, costly, not always successful, and all too often a black box we can’t access anyway. Massive change projects or replacing core systems is not for the faint of heart, nor shallow of pocket. 

So, we continue to run the same Broker Administration Systems (BAS) or Policy Administration Systems (PAS) that we procured a decade or two ago, limit upgrades to mission-critical issues and rarely seek to extend functionality or change the experience for our customers.  

A wholesale replacement of legacy systems is not usually feasible and in many cases not recommended either. Yet the need to deploy technology more responsively and more constantly increases. 

We have written this report because we think that the emergence of No-Code/Low-Code platforms can provide a much-needed bridge from the old technical paradigm to a new  digital one, allowing companies to leverage the benefits of Cloud computing and microservices and making software development easier, cheaper and more democratised.  

But what is this No-Code/Low-Code that we are getting so excited about? Where are these platforms being used in insurance? Why should you care? And who is providing insurance-specific No-Code/Low-Code solutions? 

Download ‘No-Code/Low-Code Platforms - A Bridge from Legacy to Digital?’ to find out. 

No-Code/Low-Code Platforms - Live Chat - 6 May, 2pm

Robin will discuss the findings from the report with former Marsh Global CIO Mark Cook, Cognizant’s Colville Wood and Mehul Parekh from EY. 

More information, including how to register, is available from the InsTech London BrightTALK channel