Amdaris: future-proofing digital transformation


Amdaris provides software development services to its clients across a wide range of industries, including insurance and finance. InsTech’s Tara Allsopp caught up with Andy Rogers, Co-CEO of Amdaris, where the two discussed how Amdaris helps insurtechs deliver digital transformation projects, the importance of agile project management and Amdaris’ approach to partnerships.

Can you give a summary of Amdaris?

Amdaris was founded in 2009. The company is headquartered in Bristol and has near-shore software centres in Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Amdaris offers clients near-shore software development services including cloud migration, technology integration and legacy system maintenance support. This enables Amdaris to build extended teams to partner with clients’ technology departments and deliver digital transformation projects. Currently, Amdaris is working with clients across enterprise and consumer technologies. 

What is your role at Amdaris?

I co-founded Amdaris in 2009 and became co-CEO alongside Vlad Nanu in 2016. I am primarily responsible for the day-to-day running of the business, driving performance and setting the company’s strategic objectives and direction. One of Amdaris’ goals is to grow faster than its competitors so I am defining and leading the company’s growth strategy. Another objective is to become the software development and resourcing partner of choice for businesses investing in building commercial and enterprise software.

How has the company grown during your time as Co-CEO?

Amdaris has grown at an accelerated pace. In 2017, the company was a team of 70-80 people; now this number is approaching 1,000. Aside from investing in technological improvements to enhance our service offerings and talent development, the company has expanded its sales and marketing capabilities to increase customer awareness of Amdaris’ brand.

How has Amdaris refined its delivery function?

The biggest investment within Amdaris’ project delivery function has been in maturing our software delivery leadership and subject matter expertise which is founded on agile development practices. Customers want support in developing scalable software that can evolve over time and has been future-proofed. Agile project management is the established way of delivering projects that promotes strong collaboration and consistent returns on investment. As no project is the same, Amdaris has developed a broad toolset of best practices from years of industry experience, to customise support for its clients.

Why is Amdaris focussing on insurtech?

Amdaris has been delivering software development projects for fintech clients for a number of years, including for insurtech businesses. We can provide support to build products from scratch with software development, user testing and deployment, and integration support. Amdaris has established partnerships with several technology partners working in insurance to support digital claims, health, marine and motor insurance. This has provided Amdaris with an increased familiarity of the insurance industry more broadly and the specific requirements of insurance sector technology companies. Amdaris is looking to build on these successes to become the software development and resourcing team of choice for the insurtech industry.

How can Amdaris help insurtech companies grow?

Amdaris offers digital transformation by extending our teams to companies, helping insurtechs optimise their business processes, create new technologies and services, and as a consequence increase their market share and save money on software development. Projects can be as simple as helping the technology vendor reduce manual or time-consuming tasks and processes. More specific projects can include improving revenue generation or enhancing end-customer engagement using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to create automated customer journeys. 

We also offer clients maintenance support for legacy and upgraded systems by carrying out continuous audits and risk mitigation activities. The team can support clients in identifying new technologies and innovations to attract new customers and enhance existing processes.

You recently partnered with RightIndem, how is Amdaris working with RightIndem?

RightIndem was looking for a trusted partner to help accelerate its growth strategy and improve the end-customer experience by accelerating the claim process. Amdaris supported RightIndem by providing flexible and scalable augmented teams, assisting RightIndem in building an enterprise-grade conversational AI experience. The Bot Framework provided extensive features for the ongoing development of the RightIndem solution, making life easier for its insurer clients, handlers and their customers.

How else can Amdaris help technology companies working in insurance?

Amdaris can help any technology company working in insurance by extending their development teams with subject matter experts. Amdaris developers are confident working with both legacy systems and newer insurance technology, allowing us to augment digital development projects whatever the requirements are.

Where can readers go if they want to learn more about Amdaris’ insurtech offering? 

Get in touch! You can email us at For those interested, please visit Amdaris’ website to read through our RightIndem case study. There is more information on the website detailing our full offering including ways of working, the tech stacks we are familiar with, and more about who we are.

What new service developments is Amdaris planning to release in the future?

There is a growing demand for increased AI and ML capabilities from Amdaris’ technology clients. The team will be investing in these technologies to introduce new project delivery efficiencies in the product development and quality assurance stages. With these efficiencies, Amdaris aims to support clients in increasing revenue and market share.

Why did Amdaris join InsTech?

InsTech’s insight has allowed us to stay abreast of developments in insurance, risk and technology. We are excited to be part of the movement within this industry, and the work that InsTech does to lead in this sector. Amdaris is keen to partner with technology companies, of all sizes, working in insurance and the team would like to connect with those in the InsTech network who are interested in learning more.