From Admin Systems to Ecosystems: Enhancing services through partnerships

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Administration systems are emerging as natural hubs for digital ecosystems. They already provide the technology that runs many key administrative functions for their clients and have pre-existing integration frameworks. 

The next insTech report will be launched on 8 December at 9am. You can find a preview here.

To support the launch of the InsTech report, ‘From Admin Systems to Ecosystems: Enhancing services through partnerships’, Robin will host a Live Chat on Thursday 8th December 2022 to discuss the distribution, underwriting, claims and innovation benefits that are evolving from the ecosystem model and the role that admin systems can play in providing and enhancing them. 

He will be joined by:

  • Tim Hardcastle, CEO & Co-Founder, Instanda
  • Andre Symes, Co-CEO, Genasys
  • Michael Lewis, CEO, Claim Technology

The panel will discuss the various strategies available to the insurance community, the importance of selecting an administration system that aligns with those goals and how to select an ecosystem partner. As this model is still maturing the panel will also discuss the current challenges, especially for those with legacy technology issues, the importance of proliferating APIs and the opportunities that lie ahead for those who can successfully execute.

InsTech corporate members will be able to download the ‘From Admin Systems to Ecosystems: Enhancing services through partnerships’ report by logging into our website from 9am on the 8th December 2022. Non-Members can download it from the Reports section on the InsTech website.

Register for the event here