ESG reporting in 2023: Practical applications for managing and measuring carbon emissions

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This event continues our exploration of how insurers are measuring and managing climate related risk, including transitioning to new areas of insurance. On 24 November, 16:30 to 20:00, we will be joined by companies that are offering tools and data and the insurers using these. We anticipate another lively and engaged discussion on stage and amongst attendees.

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The requirements for insurers to provide credible and coherent measures of their exposure to future climate change and reduce carbon emissions continues to grow. 

This event, supported by S&P Global, continues our exploration of how insurers are measuring and managing climate-related risk, including transitioning to new areas of insurance. We will be joined by companies that are offering tools and data and the insurers that use them. We anticipate another lively and engaged discussion on stage and amongst attendees.

If you are involved in climate or ESG as an insurer, a provider of technology or consulting on this topic this event will provide you with the inspiration and information relevant to your role. 

Presentations begin at 5:00 pm. Refreshments will be served at 6.00pm. Events on stage will end at 7.15pm with a chance for further drinks and refreshments until 8.30pm. 

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  1. ESG - where are we now? - Raphael Zindi; Olivia Brindle
  2. Practical applications for measurement and reporting - Chris Bennett; Rachel Delhaise; Anna Bordon
  3. Emerging trends and new solutions - Feargal O'Neill; Tom Allebone-Webb; James Robinson
  4. Measuring the industry - marketing the insurance scorecard - Pauliina Murphy
  5. Networking break
  6. Navigating decarbonisation in shipping - Kristy Asseily
  7. Emissions monitoring - start small, start right - Joshua Rayner 


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The learning objectives for this event are:

  1. Understand some of the different methods that companies are using to manage and measure ESG and climate emissions
  2. Summarise a range of case studies and practical applications of how insurers are helping their customers manage climate exposure
  3. Identify a selection of the tools, data and analytics that can help businesses in the insurance industry and their partners measure carbon emissions
24th November, 2022 from  4:30 PM to  8:00 PM
10 South Pl
London EC2M 7EB
United Kingdom
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Session title 1 Raphael Zindi, Director, Global Head of Insurance Solutions, S&P Global Market Intelligence
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Session title 2 Chris Bennett, Global Head of ESG Strategy and M&A for Sustainable1, S&P Global Market Intelligence
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Session title 3 Kristy Asseily, Maritime Sustainability Lead, S&P Global
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Session title 4 Rachel Delhaise, Head of Sustainability, Convex Insurance
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Session title 5 Feargal O'Neill, CEO, Gamma Location Intelligence
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Session title 6 Olivia Brindle, Head of Sustainability, Fidelis
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Session title 7 Anna Bordon, Senior Tech Partnership Lead, Swiss Re
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Session title 8 Pauliina Murphy, Engagement Director, World Benchmarking Alliance
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Session title 9 James Robinson, Founder, Cactus
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Session title 10 Joshua Rayner, Account Executive, Ecologi
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Session title 11 Tom Alleone-Webb, Head of Strategy, Lloyd's
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