Property Intelligence the where and what: The 50+ companies to know

It is becoming more important than ever for insurers to understand what they are insuring and where it is located. 2022 has seen windstorms in Europe, floods affecting Australia and Hurricane Ian hitting the US.

Last year we released our first report on location intelligence, covering location data, property attribute information, catastrophe modelling and remote claims assessment.

Our next report focuses only on the “where” and “what” of property intelligence - understanding where a property is located and what it is made of to help insurers improve risk selection, underwriting and pricing.

We explore what has changed in the property intelligence market over the last year, including advancements in geospatial imagery and computer vision, the use of new data sources from outside of insurance and the rise of third-party data consolidators.

The report reviews the latest trends and technologies in acquiring information for geocoding, building characteristics and rebuild values, as well as profiling the companies we know providing solutions in this space.

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