Our mission

InsTech identifies and promotes the use of the best technology, data and analytics within insurance and risk-management around the world. 

Our network of over 20,000 people work for insurers, brokers, consultants, investors and technology companies from start-ups to the established global enterprises. 

We have been supported by over 200 companies since founding in 2015. 

What we do

We provide insights, help you tell your stories and connect people and companies with ideas, solutions, challenges and money. 


InsTech events and roundtables bring together some of the most interesting people driving insurance innovation. We talk to the leading companies of today, and those that are defining the future. Our guests range from well known industry figures to new faces from around the world.

New events are released most weeks, hosted by one of the InsTech partners, Matthew Grant or Robin Merttens, bringing their own perspectives and angles to the latest themes. 

Accredited for Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) Continual Professional Development (CPD).

Round Tables and Dinners

We host private events for our members, inviting small groups of influencers and senior leaders to discuss current topics, or learn about specific company activities.

A popular way to expand the debate and get direct feedback.


The weekly InsTech Podcast is hosted by Matthew Grant. Join us as we discover what some of the most fascinating people in, and beyond, insurance are doing, the trends they are seeing, and what motivates them. Born in London but with over 50% of our audience now outside of the UK.

Accredited for Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) Continual Professional Development (CPD).

Emerging trends reports

Whilst there is no shortage of content available today, we believe there is a shortage of well informed reporting on emerging themes and companies that are impacting insurance today and in the future. During 2020 we began releasing themed reports, starting with parametric insurance.  

These will be followed each quarter, with further reports on location intelligence, climate change, IoT and other core topics. Sponsorship opportunities are available. Please email us at hello@instech.london for more information. 

Company spotlights

All of the podcasts with our corporate members and other interesting guests are also available as a write up, helpful as a reminder of what we discussed or to share with others.

We also provide interviews and updates with our members on the website and through in-depth and bite size videos. 

Introductions & lead generation

The power of a network is its connections, and at InsTech our relationships extend into most of the major insurance organisations, and technology companies. Our reports and events bring together the people that could be your future clients or business partners.

For our corporate members we are always looking out for individuals we believe should know each. We also track, in a GDPR compliant way, everyone showing interest in specific events, podcasts and reports through sign ups, social media engagement and our newsletter. 

Board advisory

Our partners are active in supporting CEOs, founders and boards on an advisory basis, either through InsTech membership, or independently. More details are available on request. 


InsTech does not invest directly in companies, but our partners do make angel investments. We also showcase emerging companies that we believe are truly driving innovation and, where appropriate, make introductions to InsTech members that are corporate or personal investors. 

Job Opportunities

InsTech is a fast-growing company that brings together companies and people interested in data, analytics and new technology in and around the insurance sector.

We run events, marketing, intelligence and consulting projects for our network of over 25,000 people.

The company was started six years ago and have clients worldwide including household names such as AXA, Google Cloud, Lloyd’s, Mastercard, Stripe and Swiss RE. Our members are also some of the fastest growing insurtech companies including Flock, Tractable and Zego. 

Check out some of our podcasts.

If you're interested in open roles, send your CV to careers@instech.co identifying which role you are applying for.

We also offer these great perks:

  • WeWork office, 3 minutes walk from Liverpool Street station
  • Access to our company medicash care plan including 24/7 GP appointments 
  • Work for up to two weeks abroad within + 3 hours time difference 
  • Up to 2 week sabbatical every 3 years (1 week paid, 1 week unpaid) 
  • Enhanced paternity, adoption and maternity leave pay 
  • Dedicated training budget per employee
  • Regular team socials

There are currently no vacancies.